Author: Jezza

Why is it important to have a short domain name?

Domain name market sales documented on over the last 10 years show us that businesses and individuals pay the most for shorter domain names (typically 3-9 letters) that reflect their industry, business activities or abbreviate their business name. Benefits of a shorter domain name Increased Memorability It’s so much easier to type 6 characters […]

Why Human Bloggers and Copywriters are Better Than AI Writing

In an age where everything can seemingly be outsourced to an AI Assistant-like Chat GPT, why would anyone think about shelling out precious dollars to a redundant human writer? The answer is both complex yet seems obvious with a bit of thought. Google knows Google has a pretty good idea of whether content has been […]

The best strategy to buy websites as an investment

I’ve recently branched out to buying websites as an investment. I’m reasonably fortunate to have a fair bit of spare time on my hands. In between training for chess and track and field, I decided to combine my affinity for SEO (more like an obsession with keyword rankings) and blogging to purchase profitable, established websites […]

Domain name investing- is it still profitable in 2023

Domain aftermarket sales is an industry that began in earnest around 2010. By this time most quality domain names were already registered. Though high ticket sales had occurred earlier, by this point even two word .com domains with high quality keywords had begun to gain significant worth. To companies, a memorable domain name can pay […]