Why Human Bloggers and Copywriters are Better Than AI Writing

In an age where everything can seemingly be outsourced to an AI Assistant-like Chat GPT, why would anyone think about shelling out precious dollars to a redundant human writer?

The answer is both complex yet seems obvious with a bit of thought.

Google knows

Google has a pretty good idea of whether content has been auto generated by AI. Given that they operate Google Bard, they have a ton of information about the structure and patterns of AI generated content. In fact, AI generated content directly goes against Google guidelines.

Fallout of AI Generated writing

There are so many sites that I’ve looked at on Semrush and other SEO auditing platforms who produced huge amounts of content using AI generated writing in a short time and achieved some initial traction. The only problem is, once Google pushed an update their traffic basically went close to zero.

Another key issue arises when considering site backlinks. Backlinks refer to when one site links to another in a specific way, that signals to search engine that the recipient site may be a quality resource. Webmasters and bloggers-in control of backlinking- are very Savvy internet users who will be able to see through AI writing.

AI Leaves a bad taste in Prospective Customers mouths

As a matter of fact, I used the analogy of AI writing having negative subliminal messaging, just like the studies done that showed people were likely to be made uneasy by AI generated faces. The “Uncanny Valley” theory. Do you really want your brand to be associated with a sense of uneasiness?

A website or resource is highly unlikely to link to a purely AI generated post or page. Similarly, the post would be less likely to gain organic social media traction, for the same reason.

Most businesses utilize written copy in some format-

Quality over quantity

I have found when outsourcing my own content for large scale projects that often the quality of the cheaper writers was simply too poor quality or AI generated compared to the higher ticket writers. High ticket writers charge up to 5 times per word higher than the cheaper writers but were at least that much more likely to gain a proportional amount of traction and backlinks.

Gaining a higher quantity of backlinks and social shares is likely to lead to sustained improvements in Organic Traffic- something that can benefit a business immensely to generate no-cost leads and establish them as an authority in their industry.


According to Search Engine Journal, SEO is one of those things where you actually do get what you pay for. Businesses spending more than $500/month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied.”

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